08.28.08 (3:57 pm)   [edit]

back to the start

01.30.06 (3:18 pm)   [edit]
well, I am back to where my blogging career started, its amazing that it has taken tblog almost 18 months to get back up to a standard that I could almost deal with for a while basically though... i haven't been blogging for ages... too much study stuff for me to do... and even now... searching for a part time job and trying to apply for post graduate study is bad enough on its own without the other pressures of life.. anyhow... may be back blogging soon properly... watch this space....

just a reminder about my new blog!!!

12.09.04 (6:56 pm)   [edit]
just making sure people who happen to stumble through some vague tblog link that hasn't changed to my blogspot site yet...

well... just a reminder... i am here as of late august... and i am loving it

anyone else who wants to follow is welcome... i am still a regular blogger contrary to my record here... anyway... anyone want to see me can go here

come and read my stuff and give me some comments if you like what you see or have any questions about it

browser wars

08.26.04 (11:06 pm)   [edit]
well... its not exactly a war... more a campaign to tell people why they are not experiencing the internet how they should. by pure chance i went into Internet Explorer tonight and found that my blog page does not load correctly... ie. the links are not supposed to be trapped at the bottom. i was not aware of this when i was developing this morning. i only use firefox and the page renders perfectly in that. i do think that people are at a huge disadvantage by staying with IE. microsoft is not likely to care about the humble person on the other end as long as they get money for their software, or in the case of IE... as long as they dont discover the real internet on another browser. anyway... dont come complaining to me because my page doesn't work... its not my fault... tell Micro$oft about it. on that note i shall go to sleep where i belong at this time!!! and just a reminder to visit my new blog at blogspot. I shall be using that as my main blog from now on... tata!!!

turning to a more reliable blogging site until tblog gets its act together

08.26.04 (2:57 pm)   [edit]
i have established another blogging account here and plan to use it for most if not all of my posting in the future. tblog is cool as you get lots of interaction but it is a really really dodgy site overall. it is up probably half of the time that i want to use it and thats not acceptable. i have however translated the template that i am using for my blogspot account into rough tblog terms so dont be surprised that they both look almost identical. well... ciao for now... i am actually wasting time when i should be doing assignments so i will go now.

immunity as a contravention of justice

08.25.04 (11:15 am)   [edit]
immunity is one of the worst yet most accepted ways to contravene justice. how can you for instance do this...

"Military prosecutors had argued against a grant of immunity for the two men and several others, saying that they are themselves being investigated for possible prosecution, and a grant of immunity would likely make it more difficult to bring charges against them. But Pohl, who seemed sympathetic to the defense request, dismissed that reasoning, saying that Davis's right to a fair trial took precedence over the government's interest in prosecuting Jordan and Pappas."

The case is saying that the soldier who committed the abuse is more accountable than his superiors. This may be the standard definition of accounatability in the US but it does not fit with me. The superior officers are appealing to get off scot free by putting the soldier to the stake. How gutless must these Americans be?? Don't get me wrong, I know lots of good americans but I dont know any americans in power who are truthful... pretty much in anything. I think the whole political situation in america right now is farcical. Thats one of the main reasons I dont comment on it. Accordingly since Howard is following them so closely we tend to be on the same line which is a shame because Howard is more intelligent than that.

This is a pretty annoying episode since it is just going to degrade whatever reputation they were getting back in the general world community but i guess i shouldn't think that they care. They are a superpower... its "us against them" in more ways then one. Who cares if they are hypocritical in their ways. The officer with the connections up in the legal system gets through once again. It is funny how a system that without corruption could work so well, yet with corruption is failing so badly.


08.22.04 (12:50 pm)   [edit]
what to do... what to do... i cant help doing this... i haven't written much in the last two weeks. i have been too occupied getting to know people again. even though i am not being fanatical about my personality type i think it is cool that i am able to understand people so much better now. for instance i am not worried that many people who i meet dont talk to me much because they see me as arrogant and too good for them. i am not really, i just expect that people can always improve. this conflicts with people who dont have any desire to improve themselves. i see these people to be the most arrogant really. i know that people like me (aka. INTJ peoples) have intentions behind what we do. i see that are vitally important. for instance. people like this will tend to gloss over details that i am forever writing on in here.

anyway... im not too worried about the rest of the world. as far as i can tell they all think i am weird and thats how i like it.

i have been thinking over what i could possibly do for the rest of my life that would not leave me bored. i have a feeling that philosophy would actually leave me unsatisfied because progress is way too slow. psychology has progress at a decent pace. information technology research would be interesting too although i am not sure that i would like it for long enough. i want a job where people dont get bogged down in little definitions like philosophers do. thought is good but systems are better. complex interactions are better than trying to define the concrete parts of out world. i can leave others to be worried about that stuff.

some people find it more than just highly annoying that i can discern motives faster than most and catch onto concepts faster than others. for instance, i will be in a group conversation and someone will say something and i will get the concept and run with it but neglect to verbalise the whole pattern that i used to arrive at my conclusion. this will leave them feeling disorientated since i am not one for small talk (i will go through entire methods when i am teaching someone something but it is a bit tiresome to teach everyone something when i have thoughts that are being bottled up in my head). anyway, they will ask a question and spend the next five minutes reviewing background on the topic and confirming steps in between before i can continue with the initial thought that i had on the topic.

it is extremely invigorating to be in a group of people where i am either not the only one or i am actually one of the slower people (not all that often this happens). i am extremely interested in harmless word plays or wordplays that muck with peoples minds in a non-serious type way. i dont like mucking with peoples minds if i think that they wont be able to handle it or that they will be damaged by it but... if i think that they are either that naive that it wont sink in anyway or i have a genuine thought that they will get improvement from me saying something then i have no qualms about saying things. i pity people who have to have specific premade decisions for these type of situations. i guess the one good thing that you could say about them is that they wont be hypocritical. the actual levels of their decisions are very low though. i dont rely on rules for my decision making, or at least not set in concrete rules. analysis of a problem is one of the most important skills that i have developed in my life. i was actually telling kristin and chris last night that i thought everyone should do systems analysis and design (at least in a not information technology specific way) because it develops thought patterns. true most of the information technology students around this place aren't the type to actually get a whole heap out of it. even the teacher we had for the second part was not really that up on process. i guess he has been working in the information technology area for so long that he only knows specifics now. the science students are actually the most interesting people around. as forward as some of them are with their concept of truth in every situation some of them have developed some skills that are independent of their high class physics skills so they can interpret other situations and gain alot out of the particular situation they are in.

i get really annoyed with people who just stew on information without coming to conclusions or at least using their knowledge. this will be both highly enlightening to people because they are actually quite like me and may seem aloof to some whereas people at least see part of me as long as i have respect for them. many many people seem to take my absolute lack of respect for many people to be hatred and anger and are constantly trying to tell me that i should talk to them about it and deal with it. unlike these people who are always stewing it seems, i think that i can deal with things and still not have respect for people who do these things. i find no sympathy in going to someone who quite obviously hasn't developed and saying to them "hey... what can you do to hurt me today" id rather just not talk at all than have to talk to these people. luckily there aren't many of these people in my close surroundings here at college. there are a few and i think that they are pretty much common enemies of most people in the group who hang around because of one of two acquaintances or because they are womanisers who actually think what they are doing is normal. i think in one way that it is funny that so many females are blinded by "love" in situations where they are given lots of attention. personally i just let them do what they want to do and if they get over the person than at least i know a bit more about their personality. on the other hand, if they get in too deep and "cant get out" then what am i to do anyway. there are people around who can help people in situations like this.

i am more reserved about actually giving out opinions on people. i make opinions quite fast and with some people they can turn solid quite quickly. i do not think of it as turning judgement on someone in a normal sense since i dont tell people about it (thats what i diary is for). it is still judgement though because i act differently around some people. i dont want to verbalise my feelings to all but the closest people and when these people dont verbalise anything back or dont catch what i am saying then i get discouraged and tend to slow communication down and hold in too many things. i have learnt where to put these things though. in the place where i feel most comfortable. to myself. there is not doubt about it. i feel most comfortable talking to myself about things of consequence. anyone else and you will not have the entire logic stream that you can have thinking over soemthing to yourself. i must admit that there are times for talking to people about things and i recognise that since others have different viewpoints but when people try to reach a group consensus for a problem i am not as comfortable. its not that i dont think a truth exists, or even that truth is dependent on the person but rather that without links in the chain the result that i have obtained might mean nothing to someone else yet. group consensus to me seems to have elements of getting people to levels unnaturally and that they will fall back to where they really are after anyway. i would rather lead people up (or be led up as the case sometimes may be). people must learn to have a certain level of autonomy.

i dont sympathise at all with people who say that "someone else gives me happiness". i think they are absolutely delusional. the main reason i neglected to follow through with one particular thing last year was due to my lack of understanding of myself. i know when most people are lying (at least after a reasonable amount of time around them). i do not always make it known that i realise this though. i think that peoples true nature can be derived from many things. people who dont focus on what is deeper will not understand this for themselves. i find too many people who care too much about my happiness but not enough about what i really need. it is hard for me to describe what i really need but constant reevaluations as well as not dredging up things from the past are probably the best way. i take people i have respect for as different all the time. for instance my closest and longest friends would have to do many many more stupid things before i lost any respect for them. i think that by knowing peoples weaknesses i can actually respect them more. people who do not let me know their weaknesses are risking my friendship because surprises, particularly after a year or two of knowing someone can knock my respect level down. i dont think people should be ashamed of their weaknesses. i think people who judge people based on their weaknesses are hypocrits and lack self esteem. that said... i judge myself based on my weaknesses while taking into account the many strengths that i have at the same time.

keeping things in perspective is very important. is life really that important. i think not... some say that life is the most important thing we can have. the loss of a loved one might bring to the surface many many feelings that people who dont understand me well enough think that i couldn't possibly have. i have never actually had anyone close to me die. this is a huge miracle really. i have two huge immediate families in my parents brothers and sisters. my grandparents are all alive as are all of my cousins, to my current knowledge.

i am still happy overall and i think that i can improve where i still need to improve.

pent up emotions and pet theories

08.19.04 (12:58 pm)   [edit]
so many people here on tblog have many (mostly mixed up) emotions and theories about different subjects. there is a very real place for discussion into topics such as racism, sexism and abuse of gender roles however it seems that what motivates most people on here is getting attention to what they think and how they think.

an interesting page that was quoted to me by therealspartacus007 is the following by *Capitalism Magazine* Men are not from Mars and Women are not from Venus. It went into a few topics and the author had obviously thought for a while at least over his answer but his prejudices against any form of differentiation between individuals meant that he was forever driving towards a point where men and women have no particular physiological or behvaioural differences. Any short study into neuropsychology/behavioural neuroscience work done in this area point to the fact that males and females are actually physiologically different. Just because we cant fully fit behaviours to particular genes does not mean that they don't exist. Science is a progressive discipline. Impatience is not a virtue for a scientist. The trouble with social behaviours in capitalistic societies is that impatience is actively encouraged. For instance, the media tells us all the time that we have to buy this particular product right now... or that we will be missing out on a "once in a lifetime" chance by not spending money in this place. The dominant theories in economics are all based around the free market capitalism model. The trouble only really comes when it becomes and obsession as is all too common with people in general. Obsessions, fears and prejudices should all be looked at. They are all bad. There is a place and time under the sun for everything.

As a biologist i am all too aware that, although many will say that environment is the only thing that really has any impact on development, i can assure you that genetics and a deeper study of it only reveals a trend in the mid region. Genetic studies do not reveal that genetics implies everything. It is relatively easy to prove that wrong... however it is possibly easier to prove the opposite extreme to be in the wrong.

of course there are going to be people who take science out of context and encourage racism, sexism and general abuse of gender roles based on scientific evidence. this does not mean that the science is wrong. you can take absolutely anything out of context (as journalists manage to do so consistently) to prove your particular example. particular examples are meant to be kept out in the particular debate above because everyone has a unique combination of genetic influence and environmental influences.

by saying that investigating the generalised differences implies people to take you out of context is not right. people can take anything they want or can from what i say. clarifying points may help distinguish generalisations based on science in my writing from prejudices but even that is not fallible. i must however say this.. that i am not supporting the theory because of its extreme out of context ramifications. i am trying to get what i see to be a sustainable and workable solution to those problems in part. i do not see individualism as a sustainable solution. the most successful civilisations have never had anything near individualism as their main basis. true... for people's greed to be sustained it is "un-economic" to think of others. that basically means that you dont have a heart. which rather shamefully capitalists admit readily that they dont have hearts. a donation of 0.05% of your income to a charity does not mean you have a heart. thats no where near your heart.

A study into true humility

08.18.04 (5:13 pm)   [edit]
First up a few definitions of humility so you can get the idea of what i am talking about.

Value first the contributions of others; do not boast of your own accomplishments, let others do this for you. Tell the deeds of others before your own, according them the renown rightfully earned through virtuous deeds. In this way the office of knighthood is well done and glorified, helping not only the gentle spoken of but also all who call themselves knights.

The quality or state of being humble in spirit. Freedom from pride or arrogance. Humble: Modest or meek in spirit, manner or appearance, not proud or haughty. Absence of vanity.

a disposition to be humble; a lack of false pride; "not everyone regards humility as a virtue"

This post is basically trying to describe some things that i have become increasingly annoyed at on tblog. The major one is a total lack of humility and respect for other tbloggers and other humans in general. It is true that not everyone regards humility as a virtue and to me that is very sad. It is possibly the most challenging and rewarding thing to do to practice humility. Too many people are out to be as controversial and as popular as possible to somehow make themselves seem important. People need to be congratulated on their work. A critic has a place but as many will agree the only good critic is a friend. This is because friends do not have to prove themselves and hence they dont have a personal ego to feed by critiquing something. A friend will look at something and have a genuine idea that they are helping by offering their advice. A critic does not have a personal reason and their advice is therefore limited to its content without the extra reassuring advice that a friend includes in their criticisms.

On that note I will leave this post!!


Just looking through some recent posts and i seem to have actually found a mature critic on this system. This person seems to know what they are on about too.

A short study into the post-modern/modern (realist/others) debate

08.15.04 (11:11 pm)   [edit]
I am not a philosopher and i am just going through what i have found so far. Take that how you may!!! hehehehe... I do not take these things to the extreme so saying that i am one or the other wont satisfy me. I also dont believe that absolutely everything is relative. To take this from a modernist point of view. I am a hypocrit because i dont take everything to be absolute. And now from a postmodernist point of view... I am not a real postmodernist because i think that modernist methods can be used in certain circumstances. From the definitions and vague concepts defined by many writers on the internet and that i have heard in lectures and from colleagues i definitely sense that post-modernism is not a stable philosophy. I get annoyed when people say both that things are either absolute and when they say things are relative.

As i explained as i was getting over my study of personality types... i dont think boxes should be permanent but to the extent that they will better my life and my ability to help others i will use them. when i become obsessive about any one thing as philosophers seem to get on the topic that i am blogging about i think that it is time to lay off it.

everyone says that the study of philosophy is the basis for everything. as a true postmodernist i will say that i think it has its place but obsessing over it will get you no where. i wonder if it is against current definitions to say that i am a progressive philosopher for what i can get out of what i do... not for what questions i can bring up from what i do.

the following quote could help a little so i will include it now.

"if Descartes is seen as the father of modernism, then postmodernism is a variety of cultural positions which reject major features of Cartesian (or allegedly Cartesian) modern thought. Hence, views which, for example, stress the priority of the social to the individual; which reject the universalizing tendencies of philosophy; which prize irony over knowledge; and which give the irrational equal footing with the rational in our decision procedures all fall under the postmodern umbrella."

i would like to point out the universalising tendencies of people who are trying to talk to me about this. i may not be a realist just from saying that i think universalising is unapplicable to not universal concepts. even though people say that they are working from definitions as realists and most likely modernists i think that they are just avoiding the question i pose that they must prove their definitions are real. i do not mind setting something up based on definitions (not labels btw) that set up communication based on abstract concepts to describe concrete things. i had one view told to me today in which the person stated that because the basic building blocks of language are abstract that everything we say is abstract and therefore, by their own defintion i must point out, not real. i believe that there are concrete things in the world. that is not a problem for me as it seems to be for others. i also believe that many things are made up, such as scientific theories. this will really annoy realists and modernists as they believe that through their scientific method they can find truth that others will experience. i can accept things that others say on their word as long as the concept does not cause a contradiction in my head. this is not to say i cannot accept a contradiction. i have a sophisticated modernist view in reality. in the event of a contradiction i will study further to try and eliminate it if possible. to take this to a third step which is obviously not rational as modernist philosophers will argue but i will judge all the evidence and form a definite position, at least at that point in time about what i think on a subject.

i am an extremely fluid modernist as far as i can tell. modernists will reject me though because of my lack of universality on everything. postmodernists will also reject me because i have rational tendencies in things like religion and in particular, my religion and my concepts that my faith encompasses. postmodernism seems self defeating both from within in terms of what can be accepted and from a modernist view in that it is not rational. i base my faith on my acceptance of both observations and what the effects on society have been from christ. apart from that it is the only logical way that i see where i cannot and do not have to work for my salvation and that the whole concept of love shows that someone cares about me as a person/entity/soul.

i see postmodernism as an extremely liberal approach to escaping from the things that are wrong with modernism and in the process having to take some views that cause the good parts of modernism to be taken down. true... a revolution such as this has to be violent to move peoples opinions but for a person like me who thinks through things heavily in short amounts of time and then starts reevaluation based on experience just as quickly i can see that it is not going to bring about either a stable society or one that encourages innovation and a faith in the basic concepts of community. a community purely based on postmodernism will reject law as valid because it is simply one or someone elses view of the world. taking this to the extreme hurt and suffering are simply someone elses perception of the universe they live in and hence are no more important that any others.

frankly i see that as a way out only in the sense that it allows for individual opinions. religious doctrines are valid in the sense that they are given by a loving God and Father for our benefit. hypocricy will be found in anyone, even the most diligent which will discourage many looking for a totally coherent purpose. i also understand that there are a lot of hypocrits who hurt people in the name of religion. i do denounce the person as a person. i denounce their actions and ask that you do not prejudge me based on others in my religion or community. going on now...

the list of things that oppose various types of realism in the list below demonstrate just a few of the possible oppositions and complexities in the topic. i think that philosophers should actually think about the huge number of possibilities here and take notice that they are not going to have a right answer for everything just because they have been working their whole lives with the view that their concepts are real.

"a variety of doctrines in different areas of philosophy holding that entities or facts of contested sorts exist. There are, of course, different arguments concerning the reality of numbers in mathematics, the reality of moral facts in ethics, and the reality of time in physics or metaphysics. The kind of reality ascribed to universals differs from the kind of reality seen as belonging to common-sense material objects or to theoretical entities in science. Various realisms are hence opposed by nominalism, idealism, instrumentalism, reductionism, eliminativism, conventionalism, constructivism, relativism and anti-realism. Kant argued for both empirical realism and transcendental idealism. In recent years, many philosophers have discussed Michael Dummett's argument for anti-realism, in which he rejects the claim that every proposition must be either true or false and argues that realism must be false because it implies this claim."

their is a place for realism in the study of real things. when philosophy of things we cant see or experience gets mixed up it is extremely easy to make even the smallest of presuppositions and cause a system to fall over. the fact that they system falls over does not mean that everything the system developed was wrong however. a study of what was wrong with the system could well find out that only a slight change in the presupposition could balance the system out.

the tendency to go to absolutes because that is what our language and communication styles most easily supports is a danger in that because refinements can be made (most people in any camp will agree to that, if not... this whole thing is not for you... you are a modernist without hope or a future) then that implies that there is a level of uncertainty in anything. in saying that i realise why it is so hard for traditionalist realist modernists to take concepts such as the uncertainty principle in quantum physics so hard. frankly i have no trouble conceiving that something is non-deterministic... or relativistic in other words... i understand that the entire concept could screw with some minds to no end... as will my saying this at all.

in trying to analyse me i am sure people will be messed up because i make simple things complex. i do not say that i am one just because that is what you want. i will also refuse to answer questions in a way that i perceive will give the interviewer the wrong impression. sure... research is best when people are being frank about something and just communicating in the way they always do... i do not profess to be a good research subject and infact... i know i am not.

the act of transforming myself to give others what i perceive is the most accurate view of myself tends to be pretty messed up due to subconscious tendencies.. that said... from experience i have found that i get the best results from communication when i put effort into describing myself in other peoples terms rather than in my preconceived terms. this actually works quite well for me as i am a fluid person who rethinks everything i do before, during, and after i say things. for instance... what i said up the top of this post may infact be contrary to what i am saying now. do not take that as hypocricy. take the latter over the former remembering that even the latter may just be my argument from an opposing viewpoint to see if any more information can be found from the other viewpoint. my opinions may still be the former even after all that discussion. i am quite a dangerous person to talk to really due to my tendency to take the position of devils advocate in the hope of moving people towards what i see as a balance/truth (in some sense of the word) this movement is a forward step in my view. true... i am not perfect and i could be going backwards but after an acceptable amount of thought i think that i can gamble with the remaining 1 or 2 percent chance in most cases in the hope of a large reward.

also i laugh at the number of people who try to put people in boxes (realists obviously) so that they can say reality exists and is valid for them at least and who dont make any effort to see others reality believing that to be inherently impossible to perfect and hence not worth the effort. i think that intellectual intimacy in a relationship is very important.

take out of this what you may peoples who read this but remember that i am consciously trying to psychoanalyse both myself and my actions and hence am not a regular lab subject. i pity the researcher who tries to analyse me and put me in a box... try if you may but i will become something else just to annoy you... hehehe... nah... its not that bad... i will try to give a representation of myself but because i am fluid results may be short-lived and chaotic.

mmm... chaos... i wonder how realists take that concept... it doesn't actually cause an inconsistency in my thoughts so i dont worry... any thoughts on chaos and its implications to the whole topic would be appreciated btw.. well... thats it for me... time to sleep.

Back to Kelly (courtesy of maddy)

08.14.04 (12:18 am)   [edit]
hehehe... i will probably get punished for this by the recipient of the joke. "back to kelly" is the new "everything comes back to alana"

anyway... for those who understand that... hehehe... its not going away..

background on that btw.. we were talking in a group outside of the cafeteria after tea and basically whenever the conversation went to something maddy didn't like she went back to kelly... the funny thing was that she actually said that... no subtelty in the change of conversation topic. i dont know what kelly really thought about it... she will no doubt have a comment on this post though so i will soon find out. she came up from wahroonga for the weekend and i guess it wasn't too nice to do that to her poor maddy must feel bad that she has started something now. :'( but braden, chris and I definitely wont forget about it. hehehe.

anyway... i went star watching with a few people tonight. it was really fun.. even the wind couldn't make me cold since i had lots of layers of clothing on to prevent it.

that was my night and its now time to go to sleep so i can be up for breakfast!!! cyas later!!!

not much to say

08.11.04 (8:22 am)   [edit]
mmm... now that i am back at college i dont have much to say.. i had three classes yesterday. slept in the afternoon... played magnetic darts in a friends room. anyway... im pretty uninteresting right now. haven't been thinking much lately so i cant come up with any marvellous statements.


thats the weather around where i am today if you want to know what its like here.

suppose i should go and get ready for whatever it is that i have to do today.. three classes over midday so that should keep me occupied for a while.

preparing for travel

08.07.04 (9:17 pm)   [edit]
well.. im here... i am half way through reading p&p (yes girls i am doing it... i wasn't just saying i liked it for nothing ;-) ) it is interesting but i wouldn't say that i would read it again any time soon. it is a little too predictable. i admit that i didn't get some of it up until where i am now but it seems to follow itself around. i don't know how to describe it. its frustrating.

I am flying tommorrow!! thats good news.. all my college buds will be happy to hear that (cept the nurses and pilots who didn't really get a break. hehehe... suckers!!! ;-) )

im not really into writing tonight. will surely have something more to say after getting my travelling over and done with.

cyaz all when i finish my little 1100 kilometre journey tommorrow.

dreams of good places

08.05.04 (5:26 pm)   [edit]
an example ramble since i only have one entry and one judge so far. i guess thats a good effort for a first time competition organiser like me.

i guess the only way i can explain myself for that horrible debacle below that i thought up over breakfast yesterday is by saying that i wanted attention... yes... its a horrible thing... to want attention... i dont want to be negative but i am a littl down right now so this wont be a long entry. i will be okay though. thanks for all the comments in the last few days. people around here just love to be friendly it seems. maybe i am being naive there but i think its great that people can say how they feel.

maybe its just because i have been sleeping at a different time but i have been remembering my dreams lately. i have these weird dreams about walking around all these towns that look slightly familiar but not so familiar that i can put a name on them. and there is always two or three people i know around but i am walking around with people i sense i know well but i dont know them well if you know what i mean. some of them are really powerful. like i actually wake up and i want to go back to sleep cause i dont want to leave. and i always feel like i am leaving people.

i wonder whether there are any answers to my many questions. many many questions. maybe i should take up poetry. im not much of a structured person in writing. i find i can express myself better with free flowing *logical* thought thought patterns. i wonder how long i can hide after i get to college before anyone notices this... not long now i have said that. hehehe... i am so dreamy today i actually thought a sentence and my fingers didn't type it. oh well.. it was going to get me in trouble anyway. sentences like that deserve to be ignored by my fingers.. i think its cool that i can just think and type these days. i dont even think about that the keys are. i think in words again. tis an awesome thing. maybe i could get so good that i start thinking in paragraphs or whole stories. that would be the ultimate.. hehehe... i am being silly aren't i... ahhhh... this is the reason i want my breaks REDUCED from 6 weeks to something more sane like 4 weeks. i would have been happy going back two weeks ago. maybe not as fully rested but at least i probably wouldn't have gotten this laryngitis thing. my throat is still a bit tingly and i am still drinking 4-6 LITRES of water per day. i seriously have to get over it. i am going back on sunday and i dont want to be sick when i get back.. too much wonderful stuff to do... for instance... i have to reload linux onto my laptop before class starts so i can fix something... hehehe... it is worth it though.. being a techie is what i could be doing for a job.

well.. that brings to a conclusion another day in the life of ansell.. the poor guy with a bad habit for yabbering on about things forever and ever and ever. ohh... right... yes well you get the point.. signing off now....

Rambling Contest

08.04.04 (12:40 pm)   [edit]
Inaugural (I think!!) tBLOG Rambling Competition


1: No stealing content from others.

2: Entries must be exactly four hundred and twenty (420) words long (excluding title) and must not be available on the web before judging starts.

3: Try to keep it clean.

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ummm... a massive ramble... starting... NOW!!!

08.03.04 (3:59 pm)   [edit]
mmm... a new hobby... and no kindabtchy... its not proposing to you... thats very serious business... ;) no... my hobby will be making people into coat holders... now... just for a cunning plan on how to do it.. aggghhhh... no... that ones too horrible... nooo... couldn't be true... yes yes... i know... i will put them in an office. and make them listen to boring presentations from junior sales managers allllll ddddaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy.... oopes... cant go to sleep on the job... i guess thats what wifi and tblurt is all about... hahahahahahaha... i wonder how many bosses know about their workers antics on tblurt.

i dont think i would be surprised if the answer was none because tbloggers are a very cunning bunch... then know just when switch to that vital spreadsheet they are preparing on last years post room workers enterprise bargaining contract. cant have that missing from the end of year reports. what would management say if they knew i was slacking off here though.... hehehehe... i wonder... management was fun as an introductory subject. jokes every five minutes were about the only thing that kept me awake... even typing out every word he said nearly put me to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... oops... i hate it when i go to sleep writing such interesting material as this.

i guess i am just feeling silly today cause i am well again.. yes, as everyone probably already, kind of likely, knows... i was sick for a few days... hence my posting was down to one per two day interval.. randomly distributed across the two day interval of course.. and i calculated the randomness while i was sick too. stoopid brain wouldn't stop working though i could barely get the energy to move my fingers on the keyboard. i wish the ATP would just have dissipated into ADP and stayed there... no sense in going to cAMP... camp is fun though... i get to go to a convention in october.. i go every year... i work as a sound engineer in a cafe they run there.. yes... there is a new piece of information... i am a sound engineer. i love music, and i happen to think i have a good sense of when it is off... not to make myself seem up tight at all... mmm... nah... that wasn't me loving myself... im too good for that... hehehehehe.... on that topic... i need a gf... not that i am actually going to advertise... hey... i got back to my original topic... that was fast... good luck following that kinda... it may take a few questions on the comments to follow it.

(my usual) DISCLAIMER:

btw... for any worried tbloggers... i am not really at work... i am a very bored university student who has just had 5 1/2 weeks off and cant wait for the next 1/2 a week to go so he can see his friends once more. i have inside information on account of my undercover work done as a junior sales assistant at my local small town library... hehehe... what a place to get information... soo much time to compile secret documents.... oops... not meant to tell about those *sales reports* now are we. mmm... ummm.... i gotta go speak to friendlies on tblurt... ummmmmm.... yeah... bi!

the new ME

08.02.04 (3:57 pm)   [edit]
Quote of the day: SheSpecies - dont be so critical or yourself

that is one of the best encouragements anyone has given me for ages. thanks!!!

and on that note i will stop trying to psychoanalyse me, myself or I (lol ;) ). this blog is made for more than that and i am more than that.

Signed: (Virtually) ME

i had a great time chatting on tBlurt this morning/arvo to people such as rinna, SheSpecies, lefty201, antipodean and BeaconSpider

i would like to put forward BeaconSpider as a person we should all encourage in his time of need. go on!!! you know you want to.. he wants his girl back and from what he says he deserves it too.

on other topics... i actually watched something without realising it for a few minutes last night... something i know a few people will encourage me to do more often but most likely wont succeed. yes... thats it... i watched part of Pride and Prejudice.. well it was on tv... and i was flipping around being bored and i ended up on the ABC and there was a scene with some ancient english dressed up people and some of them were dancing and others were just off to the side. what did intrigue me was one person who had a really funny look on his face... its actually a look i have regularly when i am intrigued by something but want other people to think i am disinterested (yes, it happens, some things are just sooooo boorinnnggggggg. if you know what i mean ;) ) anyway, the guy was pretty cool so i kept watching thinking something might become of it. anyway, my sis walks in and says, ooohhh... isn't that... umm... Pride and Prejudice... and i am like... i wouldn't know... i haven't watched it before. hehe... well i got a bit of a shock when it was... maybe its not so evil.. some of these romance things are good when you think exactly like one of the people, ie... mr darcy in this case. i dont quite have his wit but i do think as much as him.

taking the comparison further... is it just me or do girls actually like that. i hadn't noticed. whenever i do it they just ignore me... am i scary?? i dont want to think that i am that scary. i know i can stare at people and they get a bit scared. its the people who i cant stare at that i am best friends with though. i just cant keep a straight face around some people. i mean, i can but its hard and not worth the effort so i just smile. i guess i do smile alot and i am more relaxed than he is most of the time. mmm... i guess i should keep on going how i am. i would like to be more upfront with people i dont know, like with getting to know them.. but i dont know what to say most of the time and ughhhh i even bawk at being able to talk about it full stop... ahhh... anyway... im finished

onto other things, i can talk on a lot of topics. is that a problem... should i focus more on one thing, like sport or something... lol... i know that will get a reaction from some people.. like freak hehe. nah, im not that sports mad. i follow most australian sports. Cricket, NRL, Rugby, AFL, Swimming, Cycling, Triathlon..

well, i might actually be looking for answers in the wrong places.

as everyone says, people are complex creatures, you learn by experience. have to keep reminding myself of that one.

Questioning my rationality

07.30.04 (4:03 pm)   [edit]
Today has been a turmoltuous day. Not only and I on the end of a bad bout with the flu which is the reason i haven't posted for a few days on anything, but i am questioning whether i am indeed an INTJ or an INTP or possibly some weird person who has the ability to switch between the two or even simultaneously act as bQuestioning my rationality.. am I INTP, INTJ... or both

This may not relate to many people but I am trying to work it out here anyway... lets go!! It would probably be a good idea to be familiar with the following sources before reading. I make many assumptions throughout that are based on the sources.

INTP profile
INTJ profile
Review of a Neuropsychology 18(2), article on gifted maths students
Description of Physiological Significance of MBTI types

Today has been a turmoltuous day. Not only and I on the end of a bad bout with the flu which is the reason i haven't posted for a few days on anything, but i am questioning whether i am indeed an INTJ or an INTP or possibly some weird person who has the ability to switch between the two or even simultaneously act as both throughout a conversation. Is it just because I sue one side too much sometimes that the opposite half of the brain takes over sometimes.

It is a somewhat foolish statement, just to take the words that everyone is going to be one type, but this is what people have done. Everyone has their pet theory which describes more exactly than the others what is happening. True, their is a great deal of agreement but as far as I can see people haven't questioned this major (at least to me) issue.

I am confident that my type is INT but the rest I am not so sure about after today. I have already sent this off to an INTJ mailing list as well as an email to a Socionics expert asking his opinion. I would really love to go on further but I am so damn tired from thinking this much. I need to rest to regain my strength.



INTJ-Open mailing list email

Left or Right Brain Use - INTP or INTJ

From what I have read it seems that that the distinction between P and J physiologically comes down to whether the Right or Left Brain is more Dominant (Please corrent me if I am wrong... quotes at the end for this). Is it possible that people could use both sides simultaneously and have a personality that does not strictly fit into the current classification scheme.

I read a few months ago about two researchers who were using brain analysis to determine what side of the brain someone was using when performing a certain task. They came up with a conclusion that may or may not be validated since that 'gifted' children seemed to be able to sue both hemispheres cooperatively when solving difficult tasks. Is it possible that during everyday life these children could 'learn' to switch usage between their left and right hemispheres to be able to relate to more people on their level?

I expect that because this is attacking an assumption that all pioneers have taken for granted, at least in the short term, that it will be new for some. If this discussion has been here before could someone direct me to it in an archive somewhere!! I would love to get to know it more.

Oh... and on the INTP or INTJ thing... I think that if the discussion on the left right brain thing comes good it will answer my query indirectly. email

I am quite intrigued as to what type my personality is. I am tending to believe that we can get more ideas into the JP debate by exploring the brain physiology which seems to relate the two. In past Q&A you gave a quite valid description of the difference between INTJ and INTP. The type of which pertains to me I am not sure of. Could you comment on the recent studies relating so called "gifted" people who seem to use both their left (judging) and right(perceiving) simultaneously when solving problems and possibly even in everyday life.

Do you believe that it is impossible for this hypothesised simultaneous use to affect the way that i deal with people. Could I have learnt to focus more on one side of my brain when dealing with certain people compared to others. oth throughout a conversation.

one of the best articles i have ever read

07.30.04 (12:09 pm)   [edit]
Living Life as an INTJ!

many personality types will read this article in disgust that someone can say these things. i ask you to wait until the end. everything is brought together at the end in typical INTJ style.

why i am so silly around most people i know

07.26.04 (11:28 pm)   [edit]
well... as usual... this disclaimer is that this is not the complete sotry.. if you wnat to know the complete story call me or talk to me sometime and i will try again to explain it to you... if you still dont know then chances are im probably being silly just to hide my inner self from you..

anyway... to start off... i will say first up there is only one person who has ever looked into my eyes and made me freak out (at least for a second) because i realised that they were looking inside me, and i inside them. i dont know how important it was for this person but it is still something i am really interested in (along with last night/this mornings post on my missing childhood)

i dont know if i want to talk to this person further because i dont inherently trust them. maybe its just a talent that we both have for staring into peoples eyes to analyse them. if this person reads this and i am not sure they ever will but... please tell me what you saw and whether it was scary as i probably was!!!

i am silly around most people because i am a person of sharp extremes... true i am mostly moderate but when it comes to serious things... i am either into a conversation or i am not..

there are many people who have learnt this the hard way... please... i dont know what i can possibly do about it... i am either going to talk or i am not... and if i am not 99.9 percent of the time it wasn't a problem with you in the first place... for my sake and yours dont make it your problem... i hope that doesn't sound harsh... it wasn't meant to be... but i am very very serious saying that... i am silly around everyone i trust though... most people i dont trust realise this... that is why it is one of the most damaging things to tell me that you dont trust me... i dont mind people not trusting me but actually saying it has one of the worst effects on me that you would ever realise... i am inherently naive with these things. i like to think that a naive trust at first is good... unfortunately there are many people who have gotten over this and seem not to understand what it is or have built barricades against it and refuse to accept that i can actually have a naive trust...

true... trust has to be built on something but why not play around in the clouds while the foundations are being built and then hop onto the sky scraper coming through the clouds and go from there.

how the foundations are built isn't really of interest to me... i know its from experiences... little things... trust exercises... things like that all count as well as understanding that i dont do things intentionally to hurt people as an exercise... try to get meaning out of all i do... including the things and probably most importantly the things that make you want to kill me... they are usually the ones where i am trying my hardest to show myself to you and have resorted to that because everything else isn't working. of course as a disclaimer... dont expect me to acknowledge that in person... this as everyone says.. is a very different world. that does not mean that i am myself here anymore than in person.. it is my complement in here... along with my diary this is the most personal i get with people...

i dont understand why everyone puts so much significance on talking as *the* medium for exchange. i rather writing for many of my thoughts because talking like i can here (in a sense) is just confusing for people... believe me... i have tried to talk to people like this and they end up with the opposite impression to that which i am trying to give. also it hurts me when people say that i am less of a person because i cannot talk about things like everyone else seems to be able to.. apart from not growing up like that i am not that person inherently.. i like accuracy in everything i do... including communication... interpretation is not bad... just that if i am sure that i am not just rambling on trying to get my head around things in a personal conversation i think that the desired effect is always going to be pretty hard to get out.

i love rambling on IM though as people most surely know... the ability to correct oneself accurately and not have to focus on remembering what one said two minutes or fifteen minutes ago is a good thing. i use my logic section so much that my memory hardly ever keeps up... thats one reason why i like this... if i really feel like i need to go back and remember something i have said i can go back... to date i haven't gone back through either this or the tens of thousands of words in my diaries yet... just thinking about that makes me tired... i may in the future when whats in the diaries can no longer hurt anyone let others read them or maybe even read them again myself.

i believe in self help and autonomy (to a point) to be very important in absolutely everything one does.. being an introvert may be one of the reasons for this but from experience, apart from conversations with people who i totally trust (of which there aren't actually that many). as i have probably said before and i will say again... people should know themselves and try to accept more about what they know all the time. counsellors have a place but i think that God is the ultimate counsellor... followed by that thing called logic and experience in your own head.

i know that there are many people (infact... most of the world) who believe more in actions than words and true motives and more in feelings than thoughts as well as more who believe in written words having less power than the spoken word. thats a shame... i will try to understand you but i believe its best if we both understand each other... one of the reasons i find it so hard is that i lose respect for people for many reasons...

i respect standing up for yourself... i dont respect pushing people down to make yourself seem taller.

i respect telling through most means what you are feeling.. i dont respect uncontrolled anger and violence. (thats unacceptable!!!)

i respect being able to have naive trust for everyone... i dont respect people who make it their mission to take that down just because they have lost it for whatever reasons.

i respect people who get up and tell their testimonies in front of people. i dont respect people who diss them for it or people who try to tell me i have to do it to get better. (in a way i am doing it here anyway and thats fine with me)

i respect people who dont have trust for me but want to work on things. i dont accept people trying to get pity from me as part of the trust process. (pity has a place once trust is there. i dont pity people i know brought things onto themselves... unrelated???... it was something i had to say)

i respect that people may naturally take the things i have said to heart and dwell on them as if i have said every word to them... i dont respect people who try to understand me from a post like this if they know they cant handle all i have to say... if needed take a paragraph a day (or week) and work on it.

pretty much all you ever need to know to get along with me is in the above post. along with the How To Love an INTJ, i think that sums it up... now i have to think about what the next phase will be... any ideas would be appreciated... i think i am graduating from the early getting to know you phase of blogging


07.26.04 (9:56 am)   [edit]
its a powerful feeling to wake up one day and realise that you are alive. you are inhabiting a human body and that you have to behave.

i dont know if it was a single incident or a huge fiasco that brought me down to earth (in a figurative way) that day.

its not that i dont remember anything from before but the sensation of being inside a body and not knowing what happened a day ago is powerful..

anyway... now that i have done my good deed for the day and reunited two friends who knew each other ages ago i will continure... i didn't get very far before with what i wanted to say

anyway... the major thing that happened that i can tell is that i had an operation on my neck about three months before when i can remember. i have had dreams about stayng in hospital overnight but as i know from my last trip under the operating theatres spell there is not much to remember... just a good dream as far as i can tell... i wonder if i had something happen during that time... whether i had swelling on a certain part of my brain... whether they bumped my brain stem and caused soemthing to happen... the thing is that as far as i can tell my personality didn't change much because my parents dont remember anything much changing in that department.

as i said before it was not like everything about me changed... i was still afraid of the same things. i still liked to eat the same foods according to my parents. anyway, i dont think that people would actually notice the difference. i just want to know cause it is bothering me... ahhh... anyway... im over it... im going to post this and think about another topic.

weird internet searches that land people here.. and more ramblings

07.24.04 (9:45 pm)   [edit]
well.... if that isn't a rambling title then i dont know what is. hehe :D

Yahoo! Search for weird little places to go

if the person who searched that just happens to come back i would love to have a comment on what your day has been like or anything really... no... seriously i would like to hear from you.

i have always thought of myself as being weird... funny how some people put bad connotations on that... people always seem to be telling me that im not... i dont see what THEIR problem is. its like an obsession to make everyone the same... well... at least i can laugh about it in the end. i hope they get the their lifes goals.. they should read down further about the MoodGYM.

Google Search for temporary amnesia

ahh... that one brings back memories... hehe... im funny today... OR NOT!!! my memory is better though so im not exactly telling myself to go back to where i was here.

anyway... on with some ramblings as everyone has coined little bits of rubbish that i will come up with from now until the end of my designated blogging time.

i actually found a really interesting site for help with minor depression. i have been slightly depressed on and off for a while. the site did help so make me more aware of what it is that is making me depressed. im not finished though. it is an ongoing process over like 13 weeks or something. i finished the first module in about 30 minutes today so i figure its a good investment in my future.

the site goes through what a person without depression feels when certain things happen in their life and how the rest of us can do little things to avoid the stimulators. for instance... i know a few girls who think that they have to find love and friendship in the world to feel worthy of being loved and to be happy. i may have thought like that in the past but i dont anymore. it is hard to talk to these people about this but because just by their determination to think that way they think comments are bad. lol... i dont know if that came out right but i am onto something now so i wont go back. i dont know about recommending this directly to anyone but hey im sure there are lots of people who would benefit from it. even people who are consistently happy with life and dont suffer from depression could benefit from learning to consciously stay that way for the future.

onto other things... i read the most balanced Adventist and even Christian for that matter approach to SEX in christian relationships!!! yes... adventists and sex... they dont traditionally mix well. lol... it went through it great in my view. i do love how oldies seem to be admitting that us young generation's aren't really the crazed monkeys that we always used to be portrayed as. like we didn't have morals or respect for things.

which brings me to another topic related to marriage and all things SEX. I was thinking how important it is for parents to bring up balanced children. Yess.. thats right... balanced... too many children are almost carbon copies of their parents. that is hardly balanced for a child. i was thinking about this because i went through a few personality types that i thought my five year old sister might be and came up with ENTP as her type because she is interested in the way everything works, she is argumentative, she ahs a strong will, she is outgoing (at least in my view), she also takes everything i say on its merits (ie. she respects what i say if it makes sense to her and loses some respect for me if i say things that dont gel in her mind). These are the major factors that i see coming from the ENTP personality. It is important because her mother and father are beginning to get annoyed at the way she seems to think she knows more than them. They are ISFP and ISFJ which can hardly be expected to know what it is like to argue for the fun of it or to respect people for what they do as opposed to what they are (ie. parents). I dont think that she doesn't respect them for who they are but as i found going through life, it is really hard to respect someone who tries to force their thoughts on you as gospel. Only recently have i been coping with this, i try to tell people that i dont hate them for who they are when i say that i dont agree and i rip their arguments to shreds.

i respect people who know how much they know and even some others who dont realise what they are doing but i will respect anyone who puts out their opinions in such a way that i can agree or disagree without feeling that i have been told something.

too many parents see the 5th commandment as an instruction to children to obey unconditionally everything they say. personally i think this is lunacy. it is taken by many many people to justify cruelty to children following "disobedience". sure a certain amount of discipline is going to show YOUNG children who do not understand rational thoughts that what they did was wrong. but i think that physical discipline should stop for 99% of children if not more by the time they are about 8-9 years old. i know for myself it stopped around then or earlier because i responded to rational arguments and the reasons why something was wrong. i was always someone to question everything. i saw way too much hypocrisy and when i talked about it, it is and was seen as disrespect.

anyway. i am kind of over that so i will go now and do something productive. like sleep... if only those kids next door would get sick of their little party and go home.

getting good from imperfect things (more than just words)

07.23.04 (8:46 pm)   [edit]
before i start my blog topic today!!!

I found a really neat blog today. Liberty's Kid's is maintained by five... yes, FIVE!!! different people. it makes for a good read but commenting could be a big hob to keep up with :D. i wonder how they manage everything. anyway... i was really impressed so go have a look at it!!

onto something i can say. well... i did my washing today. that was my huge exploit for the day. as is commonly known to uni students... they gie us way too much time for holidays and after four weeks you are wondering what to do with all that time!!! only 2 more weeks left to go before i go back to start off five brand new subjects.. yes thats right... they make us do five subjects every semester. how crazy is that!!! plus some unfortunates among us (present company included)... have to work to manage their way along. its a hard life but someone has to do it.

on a piece of philosophical importance to me!!! i was thinking today about whether definitions are infact that important to communication and i got to the stage where i found that there are too many things wrong with defining something as a dictionary meaning and forcing yourself to use it and only it for your particular context.

sure it is easy to say that people communicate much better with common vocabularies.. does it also help if people make an effort to go past words to what someone is thinking. as i have said before... words are such an imperfect medium for communication of such important things as thoughts. that said... i haven't been getting very far on plans to invent a machine which interprets thoughts and transmits them to other people without using their senses.

well in a way it is planned to use sensors and transponders and implants or the like (ethics of which i will get to when i get to that part) but the person "listening" would not have to use their eyes or ears or hands (in case of blindness!!!) the thoughts would just flow on in

it is a tough assignment that i am still scratching the surface of how big it is.

anyway... back to my point about words and deeper meanings past a set of definitions.

a little while ago (like 2 years) i would have thought that it would be perfect to have set out definitions and have an organised communication medium which would work without misunderstandings of alterior interpretations.

but since then i have come to appreciate more fully how rich our language method of communication is... true some people subscribe to theories which say that words are only 5 percent of communication but i am skeptical of that.

language is so rich. many many inventions have come from people misunderstanding words or from people thinking further into a thought than the person who spoke it even did. (sorry, i cant think of any specific examples but i know there are many out there cause i have read many stories/articles about them before)

coming back to words and their importance even as an imperfect medium... words still have to be thought about and chosen mostly so as to at least lead someone toward something. the odd stuff up does not mean you are not wise or that you are a kink in society. we should try to learn and improve from stuff ups

well... if that wasn't a rambling blog (for me) i dont know what is.

i know there are people out there who profess to be wiser than their peers or who take "wise" sayings too far... please listen...

and on a happy note again...

make sure you visit Liberty's Kid's.

a true but not so complete rebuttal of Intellectual Technology

07.22.04 (11:21 am)   [edit]
The theory being rebuttalled

first of all i would like to say this. if and only if everyone were robots it would work. nuf said on that front. now to explain myself.

as part of any problem solving process containing social and intensely emotional adults totally logical arguments are never going to be the ultimate reality.

this can be demostrated by the lack of actual knowledge or thought into the way that human neural processes actually work.

even as a self professed intellectual (no doubt some may disagree here) i still try to be balanced by regularly examining my emotions. some may find that hard to believe as well, but its what i see as a balanced person and thats what i want to be overall. balanced people do more good than nutcases.

anyway... back to my points. the author makes a point that the human brain has no way of reliably storing contradicting information. i think the human brain does it well. a little too well for my liking. it is called lack of cerebral control. but nevertheless it does happen. nuf said again but i will continue because he continued for so long that i think he deserves a little bit of my time. this guy is an optimistic fool generally.

he describes things such as this as what a his solution does "It identifies verifiable truth, that which is most feared by the mind, and thus not effectively questioned."

then goes on to contradict himself by saying later in the Introduction that the brain loves truth because it has no contradictions.

now, how is a thing that is most feared by the mind somehow the actual embodiment of what is being described.

i could go on but i think you have the point.

now to a real problem...

how not to get on peoples bad side by properly observing emotions and perceiving (sometimes non rationally... shock horror for some) what to do using our so powerful emotional decision making centres.

mmm... it is a huge problem isn't it. thats the start and finish of it. i think that by exploring different ways in own own lives we will come to a better understanding of how not to put peoples backs up at us.

of course for soem lovely peoples that is not a problem as they just get along with everyone!!! woe to be them. i like my life.

arguments and long fantastical sentences

07.20.04 (9:49 pm)   [edit]
Disclaimer: this is me being silly... dont take anything i say too seriously on the surface. there may be hidden elements below but dont say i put them there cause i will deny it. feel free to examine it and point out any mistakes though. im always out to improve

how many wood chucks does it take to clear out king henry's palace?? who knows what a wood chuck would think of him??? would a wood chuck just get up and leave cause his tail got trodden on??? would the elephant be angry is the wood chuck ate his peanuts??? why dont people just go out giving peanuts away instead of causing such rucuses by divorcing wives and chopping their heads off?? would the rich well built fellow in the big house up the end of the road past the dam and up through the acacia grove be plenty wealthy enough to spare a peanut or two... or more???

why cant he just get out more and see the world instead of being stuck in his little house?? why aren't there any penguins that far out into the woods?? why do pengins reside as humble mascots against the elephants who try to steal everyones peanuts?? is it possible that the man up top couldn't just take out his refidex and find his way down into town to talk to the little hobbitses who live down there putting stickers on everyone else???

is it better that the hobittses go off on horrible journeys to get rid of rings that the man up past the acacia grove could have destroyed by never giving peanuts to them to make them greedy??? would it really be unfunny if a hobbit stubbed his toe on a sharp stick left for him by the evil tree peoples?? would it be loyibilous for peoples to unite for the cause or should they take the high road that winds over the pass that leads to the lower world?? would the rules need rephrasing if a monster came out of the rabbits hole to defend against the lamb in dragons clothing?? would the words need to be sugarised for them to be swallowed or would protonisation be more desireable??

are people being made antiultraphysiliosic by my disturbing rhetoric?? who knows??

good night all!!!!